Welcome Back!!!!

Welcome back!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s break! I have been enjoying my pajamas but will be so happy to see my students! I’m sure  they will be glad to get back to structured days again!

Here is a look at our curriculum focus this week:

In Math we will continue working on coin values. For Science we will be studying “sink or float”. In Social Studies we will be looking at American symbols. I would like to work on Timelines next week, but I will need a little parent help…I will need you to send me some pictures of your child if possible one for every year of their life. You could send them digitally if that’s easier, or please let me know if I am getting your originals out of frames and I will make a copy.

Coming up-we have the STAAR Alternate  exam starting February 9th. This is something that most of our class will be required to take. It is not the same test that mainstream students are taking but it is based on the same learning standards. I will have 3 weeks to test our class. Your child will not have to fill out any pencil and paper forms but they will answer questions and have to give a correct answer using pictures and or manipulatives.  The test will be based on the concepts that we have been studying this year so far. Many educators feel that the push toward STAAR testing has been positive for special needs students in particular because it ensures that all students are given access to general academic curriculum as much as possible.  I have discussed this with several of you during our ARD meetings, but for those that have not had an ARD yet this year, I want you to aware of what’s coming up!

I can’t wait to see your kids tomorrow! I am ready for a great Spring semester!

Mrs. Brondum


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