Thursday! Are You My Mother?

Today our lesson is about Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. We are sequencing the book with the different animals and we are practicing question marks. This is a skill that our class has struggled with and this is a great way to practice! Our homework for today is write a sentence with a question mark. Have a great Thursday!


April 1! Bats in the Library!

Today we are reading Bats in the Library by Brian Lies. We are practicing adding and subtracting bats and also identifying adjectives. Today’s homework is to go to Login in as existing user with username “read” and password “read”. This website does not read aloud to the student but does show pictures. We love the book StellaLuna and have studied a lot about bats so I thought these would be cool pictures. I hope you are having a great week!


I made you a video!

I made you a little morning meeting video! It’s really out of my comfort zone but I hope the kids will enjoy it! Please leave me a comment! Today’s checkin is the name of your pet!


It actually took me all day to figure out this high tech project but I will try to get them out earlier in the future. You will be getting a packet from school in the mail. It is another round of work since we are extending our time. Please don’t feel overwhelmed but if you can try to keep your student working on these every day! We want to come back strong and not have lost any learning.  Thank you!!

Animal exercise check in!

Here’s our next check in! Let’s do the animal exercises and then draw me a picture of your favorite. Parents if you can down load the app “Snap Type” it will take a picture of the drawing and you can put it in the replies or send to my email [email protected]  (If not just leave a reply with your student’s favorite!) I would love to put them all on here so we can see each other’s work!

unique learning site

Just wanted to check in with everyone! I miss you all and hope to see you soon! The other site we can be working on is our Unique Learning. Each student has a login. We use this together in class but I am new to assigning it at home. I will keep working on it so its hopefully not so overwhelming. You don’t have to do every lesson but if you try for one a day that will keep your student’s mind active and it pretty much covers reading writing science and social studies.

The website is

choose login on the left

choose student


Kazarriah    kazc1          star1

Hovan          hovanh1     star2

Ellynie          ellynieh1    star3

Chloe            chloew1      star4

Mika              mikar1       star5

The kids probably know how to make the books “read” to them (we call is Siri reading lol)-click on the chat icon

and you can click on the answer box for answer choices.


Please leave a comment and let me know how everyone is doing! I hope you are all safe and well!





I was able to get us a free subscription for this really great interactive reading site through the end of the year. As you may have seen we use printed books from this website that are adaptable to each student’s reading level. This version is  so super cool and I will definitely be applying for a permanent subscription to use from here on out! It’s an interactive reading lesson specific to each student. If possible, I would like students to do one episode per day while we are out. I will be able to see what is completed and I will be giving out huge treasure box rewards for everyone who has done this over our extended break!

Please check it out! I have left a special message for each student and I will be able to see the work you’re doing!

Here are the instructions:

log in to You get the app for ipad or your phone or either just use a browser.

enter the teacher username-Teacher Amy1

you should see your student’s name-here are the passwords  (click on the picture):







The first lesson is a placement test and then it takes you to an “episode” which is about 20 minutes long.

Please let me know any questions. Ty!!